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Q. What is a Molar ?

Answer: Molar is a molar concentration measurement unit. It is a SI-derived multiple of unit molar often expressed as 100 molar.

Q. How much is 1 Molar concentration?

Answer: 1 Molar is equal to 1.00E+00 molar.

Symbol : M

So as we know 1 molar = 100 molar.

Example Conversion: 547 molar = 1.00E+00 x 547 molars.

Or we can say, 547 M = 547 M.

Convert molar to other molar concentration units

Molar Conversion Chart & Table

use this conversion chart and table to compare one molar with other molar concentration units.

1.0E+18 attomolar100 centimolar
0.1 decamolar10 decimolar
1.0E-18 examolar1.0E+15 femtomolar
1.0E-9 gigamolar0.01 hectomolar
1 molar0.001 kilomolar
1.0E-6 megamolar1000000 micromolar
1000 millimolar1000000000 nanomolar
1.0E-15 petamolar1000000000000 picomolar
1.0E-12 teramolar1.0E+24 yoctomolar
1.0E-24 yottamolar1.0E+21 zeptomolar
1.0E-21 zettamolar

Common Molar Concentration Conversions.