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Q: What is Troy-ounces ?

Answer: It is SI multiple of weight and mass unit kilogram .

Q: How much is 1 Troy-ounces ?

Answer: 1 Troy-ounces is 0.031103477 times kilogram.

Symbol : not available

So As 1 troy-ounces = 0.031103477 kilogram.

Let us look at an Example : 10 troy-ounces = 0.031103477 X 10 kilograms.

Or we can say, 10 troy-ounces = 0.31103477 kg.

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Troy-ounces Conversion Table & Chart

Compare one Troy-ounces with other weight units

10.894387740806 rebahs3.4285714506177E-5 short-tons
0.00017760542992965 slinches0.0021312651591558 slugs
0.0048979592151681 stones3.1103477E-11 teragrams
0.002448979607584 tods1 troy-ounces
0.083333333779871 troy-pounds0.001224489803792 trusses
3.1103477E+25 yoctograms3.1103477E-23 yottagrams
3.1103477E+22 zeptograms3.1103477E-20 zettagrams
1.8737034337349E+25 avograms0.00068571429012353 centals
3110.3477 centigrams1.1551809085912E-5 chaldrons
0.0097963707086614 cloves345.97860956618 criths
1.8737034337349E+25 daltons311.03477 decigrams
0.00031103477 decitonnes3.1103477 dekagrams
3.1103477E-6 dekatonnes8.1851255263158 drachmes
8413.8698636159 drams3110.3477 dynes
3.4144442509931E+28 electrons1.9439673125E+17 electronvolts
3.1103477E-17 exagrams3.1103477E+16 femtograms
0.00089635380403458 flasks31103477 gammas
3.1103477E-8 gigagrams3.1103477E-14 gigatonnes
479.99192901235 grains31.103477 grams
8.1337544456067 groses0.31103477 hectograms
0.0031716719776886 hyls1.6370251052632E-29 jupiters
0.031103477 kilos1.8730938883624E+22 kilodaltons
0.031103477 kilograms0.0031716719776886 kilograms-force
3.1103477E-8 kilotonnes6.9923398150848E-6 kips
3.0612245088775E-5 long-tons1.8737034337349E+19 megadaltons
3.1103477E-5 megagrams3.1103477E-11 megatonnes
0.066666974600793 mercantile-pounds3.1103477E-5 metric-tons
31103477 mics31103477 micrograms
1.8737034337349E+28 millidaltons3.1103477E-5 millers
31103.477 milligrams1.8737034337349E+28 millimass-units
0.0031103477 myriagrams31103477000 nanograms
0.031103477 newtons1.0971428690352 ounces
0.11187743704136 ounces-force3.1103477E-14 petagrams
31103477000000 picograms0.15840870745911 points
0.068571429012353 pounds0.0069923398150848 pounds-force
0.019591836860672 quarterns0.017142857253088 quarterns-loaf
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