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Q: What is Ounces-force ?

Answer: It is SI multiple of weight and mass unit kilogram .

Q: How much is 1 Ounces-force ?

Answer: 1 Ounces-force is 2.780138500000E-01 times kilogram.

Symbol : ozf

So As 1 ounces-force = 2.780138500000E-01 kilogram.

Let us look at an Example : 108 ounces-force = 2.780138500000E-01 X 108 kilograms.

Or we can say, 108 ozf = 30.0254958 kg.

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Ounces-force Conversion Table & Chart

Compare one Ounces-force with other weight units

97.377880910683 rebahs0.00030645781144864 short-tons
0.0015874999877232 slinches0.019049999852678 slugs
0.043779687349805 stones2.7801385E-10 teragrams
0.021889843674903 tods8.9383527764436 troy-ounces
0.74486273536162 troy-pounds0.010944921837451 trusses
2.7801385E+26 yoctograms2.7801385E-22 yottagrams
2.7801385E+23 zeptograms2.7801385E-19 zettagrams
1.6747822289157E+26 avograms0.0061291562289727 centals
27801.385 centigrams0.00010325414481601 chaldrons
0.087563417322835 cloves3092.478865406 criths
1.6747822289157E+26 daltons2780.1385 decigrams
0.0027801385 decitonnes27.801385 dekagrams
2.7801385E-5 dekatonnes73.161539473684 drachmes
75206.137056086 drams27801.385 dynes
3.0519507250876E+29 electrons1.7375865625E+18 electronvolts
2.7801385E-16 exagrams2.7801385E+17 femtograms
0.0080119265129683 flasks278013850 gammas
2.7801385E-7 gigagrams2.7801385E-13 gigatonnes
4290.337191358 grains278.01385 grams
72.702366631799 groses2.7801385 hectograms
0.028349523027741 hyls1.4632307894737E-28 jupiters
0.27801385 kilos1.6742373957583E+23 kilodaltons
0.27801385 kilograms0.028349523027741 kilograms-force
2.7801385E-7 kilotonnes6.25E-5 kips
0.00027362304588242 long-tons1.6747822289157E+20 megadaltons
0.00027801385 megagrams2.7801385E-10 megatonnes
0.59589293752009 mercantile-pounds0.00027801385 metric-tons
278013850 mics278013850 micrograms
1.6747822289157E+29 millidaltons0.00027801385 millers
278013.85 milligrams1.6747822289157E+29 millimass-units
0.027801385 myriagrams278013850000 nanograms
0.27801385 newtons9.8066500095963 ounces
1 ounces-force2.7801385E-13 petagrams
2.7801385E+14 picograms1.41591291013 points
0.61291562289727 pounds0.0625 pounds-force
0.17511874939922 quarterns0.15322890572432 quarterns-loaf
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