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Q: What is Kilograms-force ?

Answer: It is SI multiple of weight and mass unit kilogram .

Q: How much is 1 Kilograms-force ?

Answer: 1 Kilograms-force is 9.806650000E+00 times kilogram.

Symbol : kgf

So As 1 kilograms-force = 9.806650000E+00 kilogram.

Let us look at an Example : 49 kilograms-force = 9.806650000E+00 X 49 kilograms.

Or we can say, 49 kgf = 480.52585 kg.

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Kilograms-force Conversion Table & Chart

Compare one Kilograms-force with other weight units

3434.9036777583 rebahs0.010809981217277 short-tons
0.055997414354017 slinches0.67196897224821 slugs
1.5442830310395 stones9.80665E-9 teragrams
0.77214151551976 tods315.29111680987 troy-ounces
26.274259874945 troy-pounds0.38607075775988 trusses
9.80665E+27 yoctograms9.80665E-21 yottagrams
9.80665E+24 zeptograms9.80665E-18 zettagrams
5.9076204819277E+27 avograms0.21619962434553 centals
980665 centigrams0.0036421827878716 chaldrons
3.0887086614173 cloves109083.98220245 criths
5.9076204819277E+27 daltons98066.5 decigrams
0.0980665 decitonnes980.665 dekagrams
0.000980665 dekatonnes2580.6973684211 drachmes
2652818.4259923 drams980665 dynes
1.0765439411806E+31 electrons6.12915625E+19 electronvolts
9.80665E-15 exagrams9.80665E+18 femtograms
0.28261239193084 flasks9806650000 gammas
9.80665E-6 gigagrams9.80665E-12 gigatonnes
151337.19135802 grains9806.65 grams
2564.5005230126 groses98.0665 hectograms
1 hyls5.1613947368421E-27 jupiters
9.80665 kilos5.905698639515E+24 kilodaltons
9.80665 kilograms1 kilograms-force
9.80665E-6 kilotonnes0.0022046226294122 kips
0.0096517689420971 long-tons5.9076204819277E+21 megadaltons
0.00980665 megagrams9.80665E-9 megatonnes
21.019504876219 mercantile-pounds0.00980665 metric-tons
9806650000 mics9806650000 micrograms
5.9076204819277E+30 millidaltons0.00980665 millers
9806650 milligrams5.9076204819277E+30 millimass-units
0.980665 myriagrams9806650000000 nanograms
9.80665 newtons345.9194004781 ounces
35.273962070595 ounces-force9.80665E-12 petagrams
9.80665E+15 picograms49.944858287191 points
21.619962434553 pounds2.2046226294122 pounds-force
6.1771321241581 quarterns5.4049906086383 quarterns-loaf
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