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Q: What is Exagrams ?

Answer: It is SI multiple of weight and mass unit kilogram .

Q: How much is 1 Exagrams ?

Answer: 1 Exagrams is 1.00E+15 times kilogram.

Symbol : Eg

So As 1 exagrams = 1.00E+15 kilogram.

Let us look at an Example : 43 exagrams = 1.00E+15 X 43 kilograms.

Or we can say, 43 Eg = 4.3E+16 kg.

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Exagrams Conversion Table & Chart

Compare one Exagrams with other weight units

3.5026269702277E+17 rebahs1102311310924.4 short-tons
5710147130163.4 slinches68521765561961 slugs
1.5747304441777E+14 stones1000000 teragrams
78736522208885 tods3.2150746361894E+16 troy-ounces
2.6792288778477E+15 troy-pounds39368261104442 trusses
1.0E+42 yoctograms1.0E-6 yottagrams
1.0E+39 zeptograms0.001 zettagrams
6.0240963855422E+41 avograms22046226218488 centals
1.0E+20 centigrams371399283942.18 chaldrons
3.1496062992126E+14 cloves1.1123470522803E+19 criths
6.0240963855422E+41 daltons1.0E+19 decigrams
10000000000000 decitonnes1.0E+17 dekagrams
100000000000 dekatonnes2.6315789473684E+17 drachmes
2.705121959071E+20 drams1.0E+20 dynes
1.0977693108051E+45 electrons6.25E+33 electronvolts
1 exagrams1.0E+33 femtograms
28818443804035 flasks1.0E+24 gammas
1000000000 gigagrams1000 gigatonnes
1.5432098765432E+19 grains1.0E+18 grams
2.6150627615063E+17 groses1.0E+16 hectograms
1.0197162129779E+14 hyls5.2631578947368E-13 jupiters
1.0E+15 kilos6.0221366516752E+38 kilodaltons
1.0E+15 kilograms1.0197162129779E+14 kilograms-force
1000000000 kilotonnes224808943870.96 kips
984206527417.33 long-tons6.0240963855422E+35 megadaltons
1000000000000 megagrams1000000 megatonnes
2.1433929911049E+15 mercantile-pounds1000000000000 metric-tons
1.0E+24 mics1.0E+24 micrograms
6.0240963855422E+44 millidaltons1000000000000 millers
1.0E+21 milligrams6.0240963855422E+44 millimass-units
1.0E+14 myriagrams1.0E+27 nanograms
1.0E+15 newtons3.5273962105112E+16 ounces
3.5969431019354E+15 ounces-force1000 petagrams
1.0E+30 picograms5.0929581750334E+15 points
2.2046226218488E+15 pounds2.2480894387096E+14 pounds-force
6.2989217767108E+14 quarterns5.5115565546219E+14 quarterns-loaf
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