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Q: What is Electronvolts ?

Answer: It is SI multiple of weight and mass unit kilogram .

Q: How much is 1 Electronvolts ?

Answer: 1 Electronvolts is 1.60E-19 times kilogram.

Symbol : eV

So As 1 electronvolts = 1.60E-19 kilogram.

Let us look at an Example : 50 electronvolts = 1.60E-19 X 50 kilograms.

Or we can say, 50 eV = 8.0E-18 kg.

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Electronvolts Conversion Table & Chart

Compare one Electronvolts with other weight units

5.6042031523643E-17 rebahs1.763698097479E-22 short-tons
9.1362354082615E-22 slinches1.0963482489914E-20 slugs
2.5195687106843E-20 stones1.6E-28 teragrams
1.2597843553422E-20 tods5.144119417903E-18 troy-ounces
4.2867662045563E-19 troy-pounds6.2989217767108E-21 trusses
160000000 yoctograms1.6E-40 yottagrams
160000 zeptograms1.6E-37 zettagrams
96385542.168675 avograms3.527396194958E-21 centals
1.6E-14 centigrams5.9423885430749E-23 chaldrons
5.0393700787402E-20 cloves1.7797552836485E-15 criths
96385542.168675 daltons1.6E-15 decigrams
1.6E-21 decitonnes1.6E-17 dekagrams
1.6E-23 dekatonnes4.2105263157895E-17 drachmes
4.3281951345135E-14 drams1.6E-14 dynes
175643089728.81 electrons1 electronvolts
1.6E-34 exagrams0.16 femtograms
4.6109510086455E-21 flasks1.6E-10 gammas
1.6E-25 gigagrams1.6E-31 gigatonnes
2.4691358024691E-15 grains1.6E-16 grams
4.18410041841E-17 groses1.6E-18 hectograms
1.6315459407647E-20 hyls8.4210526315789E-47 jupiters
1.6E-19 kilos96354.186426803 kilodaltons
1.6E-19 kilograms1.6315459407647E-20 kilograms-force
1.6E-25 kilotonnes3.5969431019354E-23 kips
1.5747304438677E-22 long-tons96.385542168675 megadaltons
1.6E-22 megagrams1.6E-28 megatonnes
3.4294287857679E-19 mercantile-pounds1.6E-22 metric-tons
1.6E-10 mics1.6E-10 micrograms
96385542168.675 millidaltons1.6E-22 millers
1.6E-13 milligrams96385542168.675 millimass-units
1.6E-20 myriagrams1.6E-7 nanograms
1.6E-19 newtons5.6438339368179E-18 ounces
5.7551089630966E-19 ounces-force1.6E-31 petagrams
0.00016 picograms8.1487330800534E-19 points
3.527396194958E-19 pounds3.5969431019354E-20 pounds-force
1.0078274842737E-19 quarterns8.8184904873951E-20 quarterns-loaf
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