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Q: What is Abvolt ?

It is non-SI multiple of the voltage unit volt.

Q: How much is 1 Abvolt ?

It is 0.00000001 times volt.

Symbol : abV

So 1 abvolt = 0.00000001 volt.

Example : 6 abvolt = 0.00000001 X 6 volt.

Or in other words, 6abV = 6.0E-8 V.

Convert abvolt to other voltage units -

Abvolt Table - One abvolt is equal to :

1 abvolt10000000000 attovolt
1.0E-6 centivolt1.0E-9 decavolt
1.0E-7 decivolt1.0E-26 exavolt
10000000 femtovolt1.0E-17 gigavolt
1.0E-10 hectovolt1.0E-11 kilovolt
1.0E-14 megavolt0.01 microvolt
1.0E-5 millivolt10 nanovolt
1.0E-23 petavolt10000 picovolt
3.3356409519815E-11 statvolt1.0E-20 teravolt
1.0E-8 volt1.0E+16 yoctovolt
1.0E-32 yottavolt10000000000000 zeptovolt
1.0E-29 zettavolt