Planck-times (tp) a Time Measurement Unit and Conversion Chart

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Q: What is Planck-times ?

Answer: Planck-times is a unit of time measurement. It is a SI multiple of time unit second.

Q:How much is 1 Planck-times time unit ?

Answer: 1 Planck-times time unit is equal to 5.39E-44 seconds.

Symbol : tp

So 1 planck-times = 5.39E-44 second.

Example : 43 planck-times = 5.39E-44 X 43 seconds.

Or we can say, 43 tp = 2.3177E-42 s.

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Planck-times Conversion Table and Chart

Using this table compare One planck-times with other time measurements units.

5.39E-26 attoseconds5.39E-42 centiseconds
5.39E-45 decaseconds5.39E-43 deciseconds
5.39E-62 exaseconds5.39E-29 femtoseconds
5.39E-53 gigaseconds5.39E-46 hectoseconds
5.39E-44 seconds5.39E-47 kiloseconds
5.39E-50 megaseconds5.39E-38 microseconds
5.39E-41 milliseconds5.39E-35 nanoseconds
5.39E-59 petaseconds5.39E-32 picoseconds
5.39E-56 teraseconds5.39E-20 yoctoseconds
5.39E-68 yottaseconds5.39E-23 zeptoseconds
5.39E-65 zettaseconds8.9833333333333E-46 minutes
5.39E-36 shakes2.2838983050847E-50 sidereal-months
1.7056962025316E-51 sidereal-years2.1137254901961E-50 synodic-month
2.2838983050847E-50 tropical-months1.7056962025316E-51 tropical-years
8.9090909090909E-50 weeks2.2647058823529E-50 anomalistic-months
1.7056962025316E-51 anomalistic-years1.7111111111111E-53 centuries
6.2384259259259E-49 days1.7091577879249E-52 decades
2.2925089999735E-50 draconic-months1.7997878251169E-51 draconic-years
4.4560185185185E-50 fortnights1.7080230055171E-51 gaussian-years
1.4972222222222E-47 hours2.0495855198114E-50 julian-months
1.7079879331762E-51 julian-years1.7604272161656E-51 lunar-years
1.7091577879249E-54 millennia1 planck-times
2.0496276066206E-50 months1.7080230055171E-51 years