Newton (°N) a Temperature Measurement Unit and Conversion Chart

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Q. What is degree Newton ?

Ans. Newton is one of the commonly used temperature units of measurement, represented by Symbol °N .

Q. How much is 1 degree Newton temperature ?

Ans. 1 Newton or 1 °N is equal to 276.1803030303 K. Refer to °N to K conversion for more information.

So 1 newton = 276.1803030303 Kelvin.

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Newton Conversion Table & Chart

Compare 1 newton (°N) with other temperature measurement units.

3.030303030303 celsius145.45454545455 delisle
37.454545454545 fahrenheit1 newton
497.12454545455 rankine2.4242424242424 réaumur
9.0909090909091 rømer276.1803030303 kelvin