Milliohm (mΩ) a Resistance Measurement Unit and Conversions Chart

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Q: What is Milliohm ?

Milliohms is a SI derived multiple of the resistance unit ohm often expressed using symbol mΩ.

Q: How much is 1 Milliohm ?

Ans. 1 Milliohm : It is 0.001 times ohm. Refer to mΩ to Ω conversion

Symbol :

So As 1 milliohm = 0.001 ohm.

Let us see an Example : 10 milliohm = 0.001 x 10 ohms.

Or we can say, 10mΩ = 0.01 Ω.

Convert milliohm to other Electrical Resistance units

Milliohm Conversion Table and Chart

Compare one milliohm with other electrical resistance units.

1000000 abohm1.0E-12 gigaohm
1.0E-6 kiloohm1.0E-9 megaohm
1000 microohm1 milliohm
1000000 nanoohm0.001 ohm
1000000000 picoohm1.1126502773281E-15 statohm
1.0E-15 teraohm