Decihertz (dHz) a Frequency Measurement Unit and Conversion Chart

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Q: What is a Decihertz ?

It is non-SI multiple of the frequency unit hertz.

Q: How much is 1 Decihertz ?

It is 0.1 times hertz .

Symbol : dHz

So 1 decihertz = 0.1 hertz.

Example : 3 decihertz = 0.1 X 3 Hertz.

Or we can say, 3dHz = 0.3 Hz.

Convert decihertz to other frequency measurement units

Decihertz Conversion Table and Chart

Use this conversion chart to compare one decihertz with other frequency measurement units.

1.0E+17 aHz10 cHz
1 dHz0.01 daHz
1.0E-19 EHz1.0E+14 fHz
1.0E-10 GHz0.1 Hz
0.0001 kHz1.0E-7 MHz
100000 µHz100 mHz
100000000 nHz1.0E-16 PHz
100000000000 pHz1.0E-13 THz
1.0E+23 yHz1.0E-25 YHz
1.0E+20 zHz1.0E-22 ZHz