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Use this fS to S converter to convert conductance values from femtosiemens to siemens. 1 fS is equal to 1.0E-15 S. Enter input value and find out how many siemens are in femtosiemens.

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Note : SI unit of conductance is Siemens.

Symbol : femtosiemens - fS , siemens - S

Femtosiemens to Siemens Conversion Formula

Value in siemens = 1.0E-15 X Value in femtosiemens .

if we have two conductance values A in femtosiemens and B in micromhos then

A S = 1.0E-15 x B fS.

How to Convert Femtosiemens to Siemens.

There are 1.0E-15 siemens in a femtosiemens ie. 1 femtosiemens is equal to 1.0E-15 siemens. So to convert femtosiemens to siemens just multiply femtosiemens value with 1.0E-15.

For Example : to convert 20 fS to S

20 femtosiemens equals 20 x 1.0E-15 siemens i.e 2.0E-14 siemens.

Femtosiemens to Siemens Conversion Chart & Table

Note: Change input values to generate chart according to your need.

femtosiemens to siemens
20 fS 2.0E-14 S
30 fS 3.0E-14 S
40 fS 4.0E-14 S
50 fS 5.0E-14 S
60 fS 6.0E-14 S
70 fS 7.0E-14 S
80 fS 8.0E-14 S
90 fS 9.0E-14 S
100 fS 1.0E-13 S
110 fS 1.1E-13 S
120 fS 1.2E-13 S
130 fS 1.3E-13 S
140 fS 1.4E-13 S
150 fS 1.5E-13 S
160 fS 1.6E-13 S
170 fS 1.7E-13 S
180 fS 1.8E-13 S
190 fS 1.9E-13 S
200 fS 2.0E-13 S
210 fS 2.1E-13 S
femtosiemens to siemens
220 fS 2.2E-13 S
230 fS 2.3E-13 S
240 fS 2.4E-13 S
250 fS 2.5E-13 S
260 fS 2.6E-13 S
270 fS 2.7E-13 S
280 fS 2.8E-13 S
290 fS 2.9E-13 S
300 fS 3.0E-13 S
310 fS 3.1E-13 S
320 fS 3.2E-13 S
330 fS 3.3E-13 S
340 fS 3.4E-13 S
350 fS 3.5E-13 S
360 fS 3.6E-13 S
370 fS 3.7E-13 S
380 fS 3.8E-13 S
390 fS 3.9E-13 S
400 fS 4.0E-13 S
410 fS 4.1E-13 S