Femtomoles an Amount of Substance Unit and Conversion Chart

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Q: What is Femtomoles ?

Answer: Femtomoles is an amount of substance measurement unit and it is a SI multiple of unit mole. Femtomoles is often abbreviated as fmol.

Q: How much is 1 Femtomole?

Answer: 1 femtomole is equal to 1.00E-15 moles. For more information refer to fmol to mol conversion

Let us see an example to convert 40 femtomoles to moles.

  1. So as we know 1 femtomole = 10-15 moles.

  2. Therefore 40 femtomoles = 40 x 1.00E-15 moles.

  3. Finally we have 40 fmol = 4.0E-14 mol.

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Femtomoles Conversion Table and Chart

Compare one Femtomoles with other amount of substance units.

602214149.99892 atoms602214149.99892 molecules
1000 attomoles1.0E-13 centimoles
1.0E-16 decamoles1.0E-14 decimoles
1.0E-33 examoles1 femtomoles
1.0E-24 gigamoles1.0E-17 hectomoles
1.0E-15 moles1.0E-18 kilomoles
1.0E-21 megamoles1.0E-9 micromoles
1.0E-12 millimoles1.0E-6 nanomoles
1.0E-30 petamoles0.001 picomoles
1.0E-27 teramoles1000000000 yoctomoles
1.0E-39 yottamoles1000000 zeptomoles
1.0E-36 zettamoles